Will Your Church's Financial Plan be a 1978 Gremlin Or a new Range Rover?

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1978 Gremlin Plan
The Honest Truth

Almost any of the consultancies that churches use to help them with Capital Campaigns or Generosity Culture are running a play created 30+ years ago. (Yes, you read that right. We can’t believe it either!) It’s a little like buying a 1978 Gremlin. Do you have a car? Sure. But it runs like it’s old and tired and played out (because it is: old, tired and played out). What’s the worst part? These places charge new car prices.

The New Range Rover Plan
What We Do

We walk alongside of churches, tailoring a custom-made plan to their unique vision, leadership style, communication strengths, church community and location. We leverage the newest technology, choosing solutions that ordinary people will find easy to engage with. It’s nimble, custom and innovative. But here’s the kicker: You’re getting the new Range Rover experience without new car prices.

Here are the 3 Steps to
your Range Rover experience


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We engage a discovery process to understand your unique church, challenges, goals and dreams so we can outline a custom plan and design a proposal tailored for you.


We create a custom proposal, tailoring every piece of it to executing your specific goals in your unique church. Once the proposal and plan is finalized and signed, we get to work!

Meet Our Team

Make sure to ask about our experience, track record, and results.

Greg Gibbs

David Putman

Kent Vincent

Clint Grider

The #1 Question our Team is Asked

Pastors constantly ask us, “How can your services be this custom and this cutting edge, and yet it’s far less expensive than I was expecting?” Our answer? “We’ve done it so many times, with such amazing results, that we just have the muscle memory for tailored financial plans that other consultancies just can’t produce.”

What Others Are Saying

Not only have we achieved our goals with our Capital Campaign, we brought our church together in its unique mission and vision to reach Oklahoma City with the gospel. It's great to move into a space that fits us, but it's even better to have everyone on the same page as we move forward.

Doug ServenSenior Pastor, City Presbyterian Church

We needed a campaign that was unique, visionary, and not just about money. Our church had walked through a previous campaign that did not meet expectations. I wanted, and needed, coaching that would help us take our entire church on a real spiritual journey together.

Eric KoehlerLead Pastor, Valley Point Church

Your Church's Unique Vision
Demands A Unique Financial Plan.

Capital Campaigns

When churches have a clear vision that needs a surge of financial fuel, we have designed a pathway to allow for this to happen. We come alongside church leaders to craft communication that feels like discipleship, not a money grab or manipulation. Our campaigns are actually fun and don’t take years off the pastor’s life.

Generosity Culture

Based on the best practices of the most generous congregations in America, we help you create the systems and process to take members of your congregation to a new understanding of biblical generosity. With Auxano’s characteristic clarity, our approach yields inevitable increase.

Whether your church is looking to start a new Capital Campaign or dramatically change your Generosity Culture, we will help you build a custom plan to deliver results bigger than you thought possible.

About Auxano

Who is Auxano?

Auxano is one of the most successful and trusted consulting firms for local churches in North America. We help churches and ministries move forward, bringing breakthrough clarity and unparalleled execution. We began more than 15 years ago, have worked with thousands of churches, and have a reputation for over-delivery on expectations.

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The Power Comes From Our Custom Process For the Unique Church

There has never been a church like yours since the day the Church was born. We don’t just believe in the local church, we believe that God has set apart your local church for a very specific purpose.

And that purpose needs a custom plan for funding the vision. A cookie-cutter plan is not going to work for your church.

Our Resourcing Team's Focus

Auxano Resourcing creates unbelievable value because we focus our attention on only 2 offerings

Capital Campaigns

Don’t be afraid to ask us questions about how we work, what we charge, or what the experience will feel like. We care about the church – and will even give you a ton of advice before you ever sign a contract.  That’s how we roll.  Have a dream cooking in your heart?  Contact us for a casual conversation – no hard selling on our end. We promise.

Generosity Culture

How can a church see increases in giving through the methodology of discipleship? We have seen it all over the country.  Ultimately, open hands are a product of spiritual growth and maturity. Anything else is begging for budget dollars. Who wants to do that? Let us help you create relationship-based systems that increase giving.

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